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All-package list for stress-out about hard work

  • – Party must be accomplish to parents’ budget, therefore is required to have a guest list, and being ordered.
  • – Keep a inventory with providers services you will need to make-up your party success.
  • - Select the date: everything is around of the date you would like to make your party, solicits, hair, make-up.
  • - Decorations and ornaments are closely related with birthday dress or suit design, shoes and accessories they will wear.

Offers and Tips

Creating memories

Our goal is to become the preferred partner of our clients to create a guaranteed event experience

Unique and special

Each occasion is unique and special, as it must reflect the needs of your hosts and live up to your expectations. We take care of everything you need to ensure that your event is a complete success.

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From “The events experts”

  •  Prove whole outfit at least a couple of weeks before your party
  • - Put everything in a box that babies take that day and write down everything you do.
  • - Wear a button-down shirt for your date of hair and makeup.
  • - Note a pair of comfortable shoes to wear if your shoes hurt.
  • - Eat a light breakfast and feed yourself healthily throughout the day.


MAGIC EVENT CENTER, one of the most magnificent event places at Las Vegas. Since proms to birthdays, there are events assortment to celebrate along with your family or friends.

About us

"We are happy to be part of your event"

MAGIC EVENT CENTER offers a service for all kind of package. And at the same time we customize them for satisfied your dreams, needs and budget with a special personalize treatment guaranteeing that your event would be impeccable and memorable. Call us today, and schedule an appointment to come and see our facilities personal.


Our main commitment is to make an efficient event planning process. We provide an exceptional service for satisfied your event and budget necessities.


Organize your next event with MAGIC EVENT CENTER in addition to enjoy all the extraordinary offers and services with an amazing price.


In all spaces aspects since removable sits and stage until industrial architectural, all of them were designed for being easily converted, so as to satisfy your event needs.



We are in a unique position so that we can provide you all the services for your events, also strengthen focused in customer’s service and professionalism, our commitment to associate with you for reach and overcome your expectative.



Wondering about how to decorate your wedding? Your wedding day should be a memorable event, we are professionals who will assist to you with each detail to deliver a perfect and memorable event! You can worry-free.

Thematic Party

Thematic Party

We will help you to find the perfect party theme for any occasion! Our planners have a depth knowledge making events more gorgeous.

Fifteen Years

We have been proudly doing a great job for 15 years, setting your events apart, and creating especial and lasting memories.

Fifteen years

Special Occasions

Our event planners would take care to each detail from beginning to end, let us planning your event, we provide a special personalize treatment and service guaranteeing an unforgettable event.

Special Occasions

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Don’t think more about it, we have the best place for celebrate any type of social event, with an excellent service as you deserve.


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